Posted by: bkchar | October 15, 2006


Welcome to the Spiritual Man page. We hope you will visit often, participate, leave your comments and questions. 

The process to live the Spiritual life that God intended is one of a journey of learning and living the life in the best knowledge that can be had.

When you make a mistake (and we all do) don’t kick yourself.  There will be others who feel it is their calling to do that. Rather… acknowledge to God that you made a mistake and go forward from there.

Is it really that easy?

Do you think that the God who created everything which is known and unknown would fail to understand that we are capable of failure? He understands and forgives. And we must forgive ourselves, and go on from there. 

So, as we journey together on this way, let us reason together, and learn, and strive daily for living the life that is prescribed by God’s Word, the Bible.